Monday, December 12, 2011

Morris Goodman, "Founder of Molecular Anthropology" (1925-2010)

This article credits Morris Goodman as being the founding father of the field of molecular anthropology. During his 52 year career, Goodman sought to answer three questions of evolutionary biology using early molecular anthropological methods: 1) What is the placement of humankind in the natural world? 2) What is the genetic basis of humankind? 3) Did humankind's traits evolve recently or are they connected to more ancient roots?

Goodman's work began in the 1960s and continued until his death in 2010. Throughout his extensive career, he published hundreds of articles and received a number of awards - including the Charles Darwin lifetime achievement award - and other honors for his contributions to the field of molecular anthropology.

Morris Goodman (1925–2010): Founder of the Field of Molecular Anthropology

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