Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Long -term Aspirin Lowers Hereditary Cancer Chances

The article I found describes the research done over a 10 year period in England on the long term effects of daily usage of Aspirin. As we know, Aspirin is a drug commonly used for muscle pain, head aches and fevers. A pretty standard drug that is used often in peoples everyday lives. However, this study done by the research team in England has proven that Aspirin could have very significant effects in the battle of cancer. Aspirin could very well decrease some major types of cancer such as brain, skin, colon and stomach cancer.

Researchers studied a group 0f 860 people in countries all across the world (43 countries to be exact) with Lynch Syndrome. Lynch syndrome is a rare inherited condition that greatly increases ones chance to be diagnosed with some form of cancer. In order to test Aspirin's effects, the researches blindly gave half of the individuals a daily dose of plecebos while the other half of the testing group received a daily does of Aspirin. After following these people for upwards to 10 years, it was determined that aspirin had more than halved the likelihood of cancer incidence.
Future tests will be completed where the amount of Aspirin taken per day will be compared, along with the effects of Aspirin on people who have other types of cancer inherited syndromes or people with known cancer risks based on family history.

Main article: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/236690.php

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