Saturday, October 8, 2011

AKT2 Gene Linked to Severe Hypoglycemia

On October 7th, researchers from Cambridge University published a study identifying the relationship of the gene AKT2 with a rare form of hyploglycemia. Normally, this disease causes there to be too much insulin in the blood at all times and thus blood sugar drops to dangerous lows. But in this severe case of the disease, insulin is not detectable in the bloodstream, but blood sugar still drops to dangerous lows. Up unti

l now, this disease was treated by implanting a feeding tube to allow for feeding during sleep as to inhibit blood sugar from dropping too low.
This study now discovered that the gene AKT2 plays a significant role in transmitting insulin's effect to the cells of the body. With the genetic change identified through the study AKT2 is constantly turned on. Not only is this a huge breakthrough in understanding the disease, it has already led to potential treatment ideas. Since AKT2 is related to the gene that is related to cancer AKT1, researchers think that certain drugs that are currently being developed to block the AKT1 molecule could have the same effect on the AKT2 molecule.

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